Saturday, April 30, 2011

Music Describes Feelings

Let's read my rambling-on-about-music-posts:

All of the music I make always have a history to it.
For example, Hatsune Mikuo's cover for Romeo and Cinderella brings back A TON of memories. It reminds me of the candy my dad brought back from work (it was kind of plain, though); the time I sobbed my eyes out when my brother was being cruel to me; and when I discovered about Mikuo.

Did you know?
Most of the time when I am sad, I play a happy melody/song to lift up my spirits. An example would be a song "Happy Synthesizer." I have no clue why I'm so attracted to that song so much; maybe it's because I made two of my UTAUloids sing it.

Music has a lot of meaning to me. A lot of the music I listen to, I find the meanings meaningful; and relate to what it means.

Here's an example:
"Boku no koe wa todokanai
Boku no te sae todokanai
Dakara boku wa inorunda...
sora ni, hoshii ni, kami ni, kimi ni"

Translated to:
"My voice does not reach
My hands do not reach
That why I will pray...
To the skies, to the stars, to God, for you"

The song was Pray For [Japan] and was dedicated to Japan. You can relate to what the lyrics say to the recent disaster at Japan. (So lately I find many people liking that song because of the meanings)
Take some time to think of the meanings behind the songs.
Because a song with a happy tune may be sorrowful (like "15 Years Pursuing a Cute Boy")

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