Saturday, June 18, 2011

Disproving infinite money theory in two different ways.

That, and also the fact that TA would instead have 40 dollars; gaining 20 dollars.

Because in the first panel, he puts in 20 dollars, so he loses 20 dollars.

TA = -20

Then later, he sells it; doesn't that mean he owns the box? Meaning he gains the 20 dollars that TB also put in; so he has 40 dollars in total. Subtracting what he had earlier on,

TA = -20 + 40 = +20

So TA would have a gain of 20 dollars; and TB would lose 10 dollars. Even if they split the 20 dollars gained;

TA = 20 - 10 = 10 so TA gets a gain of 10 dollars and gives the remaining 10 dollars to TB, but;

TB = -10 + 10 = 0 dollar gain, so TB doesn't get anything.

So while TB is thinking that he gains 10 dollars, TA actually gains 20 dollars and TB gains nothing.

Wait, now that I think about it-- wait, huh? How does TA gain and TB not gain anything at the same time? I.. am.. confused...

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  1. ah! now you have me hooked on that friggin site!