Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Silver~

And hope that she sees this. It's her birthday today! And today will be dedicated to her and her special day :)

Today she turns thirteen; so that means I'm still older than her. But I sometimes feel like I'm younger :C She is an independent woman. Her circle of friends (including me, of course!!!!!) made a special surprise for her that took a few days. We've been planning on it for a while; special thanks to Dys who came up with the wonderful idea.

It was very sweet <3 Dys bought her a book (like a journal-ish type of thing) and we all wrote our own notes. I spent a while drawing in class to make it. And we had to create a lie that it was my sketchbook or else Silver would be suspicious. But I still think she thought it was fishy that we kept on passing it around. Sorry for keeping it from you; it was supposed to be a special surprise :)

And some other people bought her stuff. Like um, sex toys? Says Dys. Which wasn't true. Don't ever believe what she says. o_O

I was also planning to give Silver something today, but what I ordered for didn't come. So I'm still waiting; and HOPEFULLYYYYY it will come BEFORE Monday; I really want to let her see it. It's very... plain, I guess. But it's the thought that counts, right? Right?! >_> I really don't usually spend money on any of my friends' birthdays, but I felt the need to give Silver something; especially because I won't be seeing her for a long time ahead... *sniff*

BUT I DID get Silver something; I'm not that stupid :P
Because I love her very much; she is one of the greatest friends I've ever had, and she's influenced me (in a great way, of course) so I really really really love her. As many other people do. She has so many great qualities that I don't have; and I truly do envy her. A lot. Because... Silver is my role model in life :)

But I think what I really like about her the most is the fact that even though she is going through pain (mentally or whatever), she still keeps a smile on her face. I truly respect that. Even though I also do that to keep my friends from worrying too much about whatever goes on in my life, Silver always sees through me. And I always wonder why that happens so much.

I'm not very good at giving compliments like this (other than "whoa, you're pretty!" or "you're cute" and such things), so I apologize for my crappy part in the card Dys gave to you. However I did draw something for you because I felt that I can express so much more of my feelings through art than words.

And when you cried while reading the card, I did almost cry too. Because when there are reasons to why people cry, I can somehow relate to them. But hey, that would be kind of embarrassing; and never really did ;)

I'll just tell you, Silver, how I feel about you and today. I somewhat felt special that I was able to participate in passing around the book; and the second person to write it, at that. I was kind of flustered when I thought of being included within the people that would be considered "close" friends with you, so I was kind of nervous >/////> But I'm really glad and happy. Thank you for letting me feel this way; I think that may be the first. I know I may not be your "best friend" because I know I'm not anyone's (you have dys, B and M and S are together, J and A are together, etc.), but I was very very very happy. So thank you, again? ;))

Also telling you what a lot of other people feel about you: You are a very wonderful gal; nice (though may state offensive comments haha); considerate; not biased and don't judge; I don't know, honestly. You have the greatest qualities that I don't have; and I don't see in many other people. You are really funny; artistic; and just a very nice friend in general... So what I should say is that I'm glad to have met you, first of all, and will ALWAYS be glad that I'm friends with you. Even if it's just one-sided (I'm not sure about my comment on this), I feel that it was special (or great) that I met you. IDK, honestly. I'm just very bad at making comments like this...

I feel like I'm trying to tell you "goodbye" or something, but that isn't the case. But I'll just (I guess) tell you my feelings with a few words..

SILVER I LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOU'RE ONE OF THE BEST FRIENDS I'VE EVER HAD THAT HAD NOT DESERTED ME (Because I find that my other "best friends" stop talking to me a while later and I feel that I do something wrong) and you must know that I really really really love you! And so do other people!!! You will always be my sista from another mista ^_~

Thank you for always being there when I needed someone by my side; thank you so much for being my friend. I feel like I'm dying soon by writing this shortish letter, but who cares.


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  1. heh. i always lie, it is the truth.


    lol. i didnt get anything like this for my bday...