Monday, May 23, 2011

Pencil Tip Sculptures by Dalton Ghetti

Hey I've found some cool pencil tip sculptures made by Dalton Ghetti! I was fascinated as I looked though the pictures... So I've come to share some with you; and my opinions on them :)
As you can see in this picture, I guess it was Ghetti in the process of sculpting something. But as you scroll down to view his other works, you may notice how... small they may seem. I daresay; he's taken a lot of time into making these sculptures!
My god. This one was one of my favorite. I can't believe he sculpted the ABC's!! Right around now, I'm just wondering how long he took to make each of the letters. I'd like to meet him and have him teach me the art of pencil tip sculpting :D

Dalton Ghetti Pencil Tip Art 3
And here, you see.... very amazing art. I'm not sure how he was able to do that. I could see the idea; but darn.. that must have been really time-consuming!!! Once you break the tip, it's pretty much all over for you. Gotta start over, eh.

Dalton Ghetti Pencil Tip Art 4
GUESS WHO THAT IS!! I'm not really sure myself. But it looks pretty cool.

Dalton Ghetti Pencil Tip Art 5
GEE I LOVE THIS ONE SO MUCH! Just the thought and idea of it. I mean; They are hearts, k?!

Dalton Ghetti Pencil Tip Art 9
This one had to be my favorite. I just really loved the idea of having a heart with awesome-looking chains inside the pencil. I'm thinking that it has a greater meaning than it shows behind it.

Dalton Ghetti Pencil Tip Art 16
And this one.... The idea is very original and creative. You just can't not like it... I'm sure I did. And I'm sure Ghetti must've felt proud.


And for more information, I'd think that you'd be interested to go look at his "gallery" images. Here:

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  1. ohmygod thats amazing.
    and that one is elvis, derr.