Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ten days later....

I post again. Just to have a word with the internet, heheeeeee....

It's been VERY stressful; with personal things and HOMEWORK. My class was supposed to create a slave journal entry on the slave quilt patch we created... and how life was for them. Kind of weird *laughs* I don't like it!!!!

But I feel like creating an anime review. For "Kampfer"

It's about this dude (yes, dude) in high school. He is normal, and doesn't want to be involved in anything big. Unfortunately for him, the day after he transfers to his new school, he wakes up with a GIRL body. Yes... in a girl body. With noticable breasts and etc. He is told that he was chosen to be a Kampfer. Mhmm, it IS weird. The thing about being a kampfer is that you don't have a choice whether or not to be one. So basically, you're forced to do it. And fight with other kampfers with the same powers as you. By powers, I mean as in shooting guns, magic, etc. There is the red team and the blue team. They fight. They see who wins. And relationships start to develop. And stuff happens (not those stuff). And yea. It's a hilarious anime; I feel like watching it for a second time.

Short review is short. Made in 5 minutes owo

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