Sunday, May 1, 2011

Posting before I sleep

It's currently 11:32 P.M. as I type this, but I plan to sleep earlier than usual today. Why? Because.. I feel like it...
My friends have liked reading the random things I type on my computer about my day some months ago, and I thought I'd give it a try again.

I made my final finishing touches on the blog I started yesterday, and adopted the new name "Tiazi" as another Internet alias. So currently, I have Merleawe which I made a very long time ago; she was based of a character I loved from the manga "Magical x Miracle." The second was for my UTAUloid, Kaede. The third is this; which I produced from my brother's name, "THANH." Usually, he's annoying, arrogant, and very mean, but I had just thought up yesterday while playing with names, "Tiazi." Tiazi doesn't sound much like "Thanh," but if you write down his name in capital letters and read it on it's sides, the readable ones would be "HNH" which turns into "IZI." Then I adopted the original letters T and A (because it was not readable sideways) and developed the name "Tiazi." One thing about Tiazi that I somewhat related to was the troll for Homestuck, Terezi. Maybe that's why I love this name so much.

I've looked all over for a widget for the page viewing thing (it records only unique costumers, meaning multiple visits coming from one computer will not be recorded); and I couldn't find the one I liked... So I just searched up for a cute one, and fell in love with this one <3 It looks kind of plain, but I LOVE the idea of having the little plants grow up as a 0 becomes 9. Well, check the widget out; you'll get what I mean.

I've also went to dinner with my family today; my dad, brother, and me. I'm kind of happy since it is rare that we ever hang out together; my dad is always busy with work. But we all passed by a new restaurant that just came out; and decided to try it out. Surprisingly, the prices were expensive... The usual pho (Vietnamese noodle) that my family ordered at our local Pho Vietnam converted from 7 to 8 dollars! But we felt like we eat too much pho, and decided to eat a special set; recommended by one of the workers. It was 13 dollars! I was shocked that my dad wanted to try it despite how high the price was.

Yes; it was delicious. But not filling. And it was our first time eating them... and didn't know how to roll up the banh chang. It was too thin; and only half it's size. The meat (I'm pescetarian, so I had the fish and shrimp instead), according to my brother, was delicious however. I've forgotten for how long I've been a pescetarian... my original motive was to become one for one or two months, as I've filled a survey to do so. However I've been doing it for a while that I had become used to it.

While browsing youtube, I found an old song that my mother sang to me when I was little. I was only 4, I think, back then when Japanese farmers came and kind of freeloaded at our house. They taught her of the song "Usagi to Kame" which means "The Hare and the Tortoise." Well, it actually means "the rabbit and the turtle." It's a song that tells the tale of the hare and the tortoise that went racing each other; and the tortoise surprisingly won owo. I loved that song so much, and was so happy to find it!! Thank you K-ON!~ <3 Here is an excerpt from the episode: It was so cute... I sang that on the way to CostCo and my brother told me to shut up because it was annoying him. But I never really stopped.

I SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!!!!! Well, sundae. WE BOUGHT SUNDAE AND I'M HIGH ON SAUNDAES!!!!! STRAWBERRY!!! I'm not sure if I can sleep tonight.

Well... Good night anyway.

~A journal from your lovely Tiazi.

P.S. Ignore me when I am acting weird. Curse you, sugar!! (Oh no way I loovoveeeeovee sugarrrr <3333)

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