Monday, May 2, 2011

Taking Pictures During School

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Only 5.5 more weeks until Summer Break starts! I'm really getting excited; going to Texas for the first time in forever. Meaning that I've never been there before...

I thought that posting blogs with PICTURES might be a creative idea, however I had no camera.... so I took some pictures with my mobile phone. Which, by the way, sucks. I'm going to get an iPhone 4G soon, though :))

I'll just introduce some of my besties. SOME. Meaning not all are included either because I wasn't with them during lunch/recess, or because I didn't feel like taking their picture...

First, starting with the one who encouraged me to make this blog (lol), "Silver." That's basically her nickname, I guess. And dysfunctional cupcake, who's also my friend. A small picture of both of them hugging each other:

Silver is the one with black hair and is cute; and is obsessed with the color silver. Dys is the one with blonde hair and is pretty; and likes to molest people. But they're both my best friends, and are so cool ;) Kudos to you gurls

I would've SOO posted a picture of Dys tickling the heck out of Silver, but Silver says to delete xD So I did; and therefore will not be posted.

So I was asked by Silver to delete the picture and post the one with her being tickled instead. Unfortunately, I deleted that one. So she went and blurred her face. But the link is working, so just pretend it IS working.

The first picture I took today was actually of my other best friend, J. I'm not sure whether to reveal her real name on this blog or not; but I've got her permission to post her picture online.
And whilst I was talking to Silver and Dys, she ran up to me and suddenly told me to hug her because it was a cold day. Well, instead I let her borrow my jacket/coat/whatever you call it for a while. A picture of her wearing it xD
She has very cute curly hair :)) Even if she denies it.

I also walked past L. who I'm also not sure if I should say his name, but I'm (pretty) sure that I got his consent to post his picture up. I just had to take a picture of him (eating something) and his little (cute) umbrella because I liked his umbrella. It was small!
It's a very awesome umbrella.

And just not too long from that, I also ran into S. He's such a silly guy, lol. He wore a clear plastic bag and his hat on top of the plastic bag; am I making any sense? Here's a picture:
He is just weird like that........ haha.

And then the last picture I took was amazing. I really liked it. It's.. a pair of pants with things written on it! Very colorful, must I say. I just saw a random girl wearing it, and asked to take a picture. I reaaallllyyy like her pants....

And then some random stuff I did that I didn't take a picture of...
Well, while going back from school, I saw a group of High School students waiting for the Trimet bus. There was a white car (it was a stop light, soo....) and it suddenly went (I mean, like drove and stuff) and it made a really loud farting noise. I was drowsy, so that really woke me up. And a high school guy, too. He jumped up, got really startled and waved his hands in a weird-ish manner. It was very hilarious to watch xDD

Oh my I'm running out of room very quickly. Must be because of the pictures I took. There were some pictures I didn't post here; so sorry if you were one of them that wanted it up. I'll end this post with a horoscope!!

Aries: Whether you are working in a place of business or at home, your attention is in getting things completed. If you find yourself working within a group today, you will be productive. You expect praise for your good works but this may not come on your time schedule so--do not push. Emotions and feelings of those around you may be very clear allowing you to know what is expected of your energies and your time. If you have things you want to accomplish that might be a separate interest from the people you are with--set reasonable time limits before obligating yourself to new projects. This is a good time to use your writing skills as you can communicate with real originality. Learning ways to release the restlessness is beneficial to your health.

Taurus: You waste few words when you describe or give instructions. You could be in a hurry, so if someone has a lot of difficulty in understanding what you want, be wise with your response. You have a natural sense of organization and come across as disciplined and careful, perhaps a little too sober. An inner vision, coupled with the ability to see the big picture, may find you working as a go-between with others. You could even have a special gift for spanning the generation gap, bringing older and younger spirits together. A love of animals, children, older people and the needy, is a lifelong trait that is visible today. It is easy for you to work with people in authority. There are opportunities for outdoor activity with friends this afternoon.

Gemini: Opportunities may go against your own sense of security and you may feel it is best not to take chances. This is a tough call when it comes to business and some compromise is perhaps the best way to a workable solution. Your career, practical vision and skills are of central importance to you now. You feel there is a waste of time if there is no organization and your actions are deliberate in this area of your life. Your reputation and image are a source of concern and you do everything you can to make them solid. You appear perhaps more charming and refined than usual this evening as people gather to celebrate or just simply gather together away from the workplace. Putting your best foot forward may take on a greater importance this evening.

Cancer: Your work or career is in real harmony with the rest of your life. Much can be accomplished. You could gain from subordinates or young people just now as information or help is available for whatever you want to complete. You make your way through ideas, concepts and you have a good ability to communicate and express them to others. Reading or attending a lecture on law, politics, education, travel or religion may be part of your day; which is productive. Your creative side is showing this afternoon when you help a friend decorate or update an old look. Your home environment, friends and surroundings in general become simplified and receive encouragement. Things may seem almost magical in the way they work out in your favor.

Leo: Self-sacrifice and an understanding attitude on your part could have far-reaching effects on your own life-path and career during this time. You have improved your working abilities and higher-ups are taking note. This may mean that you are working more efficiently with others and this helps you to achieve bigger and more encompassing goals. Outer circumstances are favorable and it should be easy for you to push forward with regard to developing your career. You will have no problem moving up the professional ladder. Now is the time when personal insight into your most secret and psychological self may be possible. There is the possibility of new visions or sudden insights into your self-image or into your beliefs and dreams.

Virgo: Your idea of where you want to be in this life and where you really are with your goals are very close. You are progressing well with your goals and will want to set some new goals soon. Do not be afraid that present goals will be forgotten as you begin to look into toward the future--they will soon be realized. This is a time of good fortune--when things open up in a very natural way for you. Situations are within your reach and it is easy to see which path is the one for you to take. Opportunities to improve and enlarge your friendships are available to you now. You may find yourself wanting to do almost anything today. This is a good time to project your image. Give yourself more credit for the original ways you handle family matters.

Libra: Go with the flow today. Trust in your own instincts. Your ideas are just as good, if not better, than someone else's ideas. Take a chance--try out your new ideas--you will have a feeling of accomplishment. Perhaps you are improving or updating a piece of technical equipment or some new computer software. Your perseverance pays off, particularly when you stop occasionally for a break or two--all work and no play, etc. A person that you were close to in the past may contact you this afternoon. An earnest effort in letting go of hard feelings can free you to move forward. This person has something special to offer you. This is a day of good surprises, opportunities, money and romance. A new game fills your evening hours.

Scorpio: Investigating and examining results and statistics find you at your mental best. Your analytical abilities are at a high point. This can be an expansive, creative and successful time--a time you will look back on with pride and fondness. You are your warm, loyal and generous self today and others follow your example as you deal with the public and interact with others in the workplace. Your need for admiration and appreciation will certainly be met as you entertain and visit with friends this afternoon. Others could seek you out for your psychological insight and understanding. This could be a time to make changes in your environment. Any work toward creating a balance in your life will be beneficial. Good vibes are present all week long.

Sagittarius: You will make practical decisions concerning group issues this Monday. A supervisor or higher-up is listening to your intelligent summations about how things should be run. You have a natural sense of what the public wants. You are always making new discoveries. Clear decisions affecting others are requested and triumphant. You have a great appreciation of how your life is going and this afternoon you will later be able to enjoy the company of a good friend. You will both enjoy talking about what each of you have accomplished. Perhaps you will even be evaluating and reassessing your plans for the future. Life, like a good painting, has to be looked at occasionally to really appreciate the true essence. Friends may visit this evening.

Capricorn: Money, money, money--it seems to occupy your mind much of this day. You could be applying for a loan or looking to purchase a vehicle or home and there is almost a feeling of static electricity in the air. Easy does it, meaning, have more confidence. If you really need this new item to make your life work better, it will be yours! Be aware, however, that time and process may not meet with your own idea of how things should move along. Do not let these thoughts occupy your time--you will want to be attentive to your work. You are valued for your ability to make practical decisions and you could find yourself representing co-workers in sensitive issues. Clear decisions affecting others could be made by higher-ups as a result of your input.

Aquarius: You will be extremely busy today. There will be many times where you will have to supply a solution to a particular problem. Be prepared to work hard. This is not a great time to attempt to plan a noon break with friends as you may find yourself less conversational. It would be good to walk or visit a pet or music store, if possible. Transferring your concentration to a light-hearted arena would do wonders for your energy level and enthusiasm as you return to the work expectations. Take care to examine all aspects of your work or dealings today--it could lead to success! A long-awaited dialogue with an older person may take place later. You enjoy keeping up-to-date with the news regarding your friends, relatives or neighborhood events.

Pisces: This is a time for creativity when it comes to your professional abilities. You could be speaking for your company or lecturing today. A sudden loss in business could occur, through no fault of your own, and you may want to wade through some paperwork to discover the reason. This will eventually smooth itself out but it is good to do the investigative work to avoid any repeat mystery of lost business or at least to understand the normality of the event. This may also be a time that unexpected monetary gifts appear out of the blue. You have a lot of energy for improving your surroundings or life situations and you are very motivated to improve. This evening is a good time to just relax and absorb the day's events.

I will keep on posting daily horoscopes (if I have time) unless/until I get a great widget (on Blogger or somewhere else) to replace it! It seems to be taking a lot of space.

So then I'll end this journal for today~ Oh, by the way~ I had strawberry sundae again <3


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