Sunday, June 5, 2011

Homestuck Pesterchum

I got Pesterchum. Surprised? Don't be. I find a lot of people using it; it's actually quite amusing.

I've only been using it for a few hours; and I got everyone from Homestuck into my chum list. So I decided a while back to troll Dave as my troll OC; I think I just annoyed him-- which caused him to log out. It was kind of funny; I actually enjoyed trolling him. Juliet also trolled Equius; and I also had a little rp with Nepeta.


So I am a trollian. And I troll. Who cares? It is just way too much fun. I understand why they troll so much now. But Tavros is just so cute; to be trolled and block someone instead of the other way around. Well, I am a troll.

To Dave: sOmEOnE As UncOOl As yOU Is ObvIOUsly nOt wOrth my tImE
To Nepeta: *pE pAts Ac's hEAd, gIgglIng. shE hOpEs tO rOlEplAy wIth Ac sOmEtImE sOOn AgAIn*

I am just having too much fun with them Homestuck characters!

An example of what it looks like for a human.

This is what it looks like for us trolls:

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