Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Rough Drafts Are MESSY!

No, I am not even kidding!
I've received quite a few people telling me that they enjoy my drawings; which make me really really happy.
Sometimes, they would ask how I draw so well. Well, my answer would always be, "I-I don't draw good.." But honestly, this is what I think:

Seriously, I really don't draw good. If you look around, you can see way better artists than me. But I got this far by practice. It's always practice! But you know; these drawings take me a very long time. Sometimes it takes me weeks to finish a single decent drawing; which isn't even as good as another artist who took two hours and produces a better, more colorful art than mines.

So when people tell me I draw good; I really appreciate it! But you know it's not true!

And I'll just give a glimpse on how my rough drafts look.
Rough drafts (meaning the very first drafts, including the base, planning, etc. rough drafts) usually take me around two hours, if I work on it seriously.
Others like doodles don't even take me five minutes. Heh.

This one is a very recent one I'm currently working on for a few of my friends who are LEAVING PORTLAND; leaving me sulking and indulging in my sorrow.
The girl is supposed to be me, but I wanted bangs.

Title: None ATM. :3

Yes, that is... how I draw... Just a preview of what I'm currently drawing right now. Each rough-rough draft takes me approximately 2 hours. Yes; two hours. I take very long to draw, eh.

I start out with a simple base of what I want to draw. So, simple shapes, etc.
The head starts out with a circle, then some lines so that I can easily draw in the expressions with the proper scale factors etc.
The hands are the trickiest... If I'm drawing an original, it would suck a lot more than this. But I'm using a slight reference for the hands! So I am saved.

The background, I can't really do so I just doodle... :3

Then I start applying the shape of the body (You can see it lightly with light-ish gray strokes) so it looks like a formal base. That way, it looks kind of like a naked person... But it's a base.

Then I start out drawing the hair; it's really really fun. In this case, the hair was based off of my hair; which is very long; but like I said, it's based off. I don't have bangs; so I modified my digital self to have bangs. (I've always wanted bangs)

After the hair (and some clothes), I start outlining the drawing; so that I have a clear idea of what will be going into the final draft. It's in darker strokes! I also give myself a few notes on the doodles I drew; in case I can't recognize the mug and keyboard. Also notice that I wrote down "Light" with a sun over it! That's to give me an idea of where the light is coming from; and how to shade.

I forgot, however, that light also comes from the computer screen. :3

Original DeviantArt link: http://chopstickle.deviantart.com/art/An-example-of-my-rough-drafts-213206410

Each "full-fledged" can take me from three hours (if colored) to a week or two! No, seriously. It's taken that long once before; and I was so annoyed at it. But the drawing was amazing... No one believed that I took that long, though :'D

How I manage to draw over it? There's something called opacity.
Change it to around 30% or 40% on Paint Tool SAI; and wa-lah. Draw the final draft over the rough draft; then color!

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